Agenda 21 Information From Garland County (Texas)

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The video links posted below are provided by the Garland County Tea Party.  The issue covered in both videos (the second is an update of the first) is Agenda 21 and how it has come into existence and what we may expect as it continues to roll-out:

Exposing The Enemy

Update: Exposing The Enemy

In case there is any question the excerpt of the speech President Kennedy gives is not about Agenda 21, because as we should know the speech preceded Agenda 21 by over thirty years.  He is addressing the terror of the Soviet Union as he speaks to representatives of  the United States media, and he was trying to get them to see the danger of reporting on the secrets of the United States.  All to no avail as we now know.

The first video is just over an hour-long and the second is just over five minutes.

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4 Responses to Agenda 21 Information From Garland County (Texas)

  1. lighthouse says:

    re Light Bulb Ban
    Updates on 7 US states trying to repeal ban (legislated Texas)
    Also an extensive account of why the ban is wrong, and how manufacturers sought it out of profit motives, with copies of documentation and references
    Also blog

  2. RD Hill says:

    Marita has really done her homework. Her questions remain in my mind. Why would Rhode Island resort to such tactics? Why do they want to increase the costs of energy?

    We have the same thing going on here in NM with the EPA requiring clean air standards at San Juan generating station in Four Corners. The requirements will have negligible impact on our air quality, but they will significantly raise the cost of our electricity, just when we can afford it the least. Why?

    • Chuck Ring says:

      I suppose it is part feel-good, and part control of our future. There is just so much in renewable energy that seems to be rolled-out before it is perfected.
      Be sure and catch the meeting in Santa Fe for EIB’s closer scutiny and possible repeal of their regulations/ruling on San Juan generating station and more.