Wanted: Dedicated & Energetic Young People

We (Conservatives and Republicans) have decried the lack of young men and women in the conservative movement.  We have (the Republican Party and Conservatives in general) lost track of where we are in the political “scheme of things,” and we have paid for it dearly.  Some of our best New Mexico candidates lost during this last go-round and if we don’t get to a point where we can listen and truly observe events around us defeat will follow us around at every election..

The New Mexico Republican Convention did elect some young delegates to our convention this year and they were for the most part, spirited Ron Paul supporters.  Reports I have read as to how these young people were treated by some in the Republican Party hierarchy once they arrived in Tampa does not speak well for their belief in the process of democracy; nor does it bode well for the future of our Republic.

After the convention, and during the actual final campaign process, I was fortunate  enough to work with young gentlemen and gentlewomen who stood up for conservative principles as they put in countless hours to convince folks to consider the “right,” side of the political equation.

Whenever possible, Bob Steiner and I attend a weekly conflab (Conspiracy Brews) where politics and political parties of all degrees are discussed.  This past Saturday we were privileged to hear two Ron Paul advocates who are continuing their fight to get the conservative movement on track with reality.  Both gentlemen are running for office in the Republican Party of New Mexico.  We wish both of them success with their run and trust that, win or lose, they will keep involved for the future.

We have posted a video of one of the fellows presentation before Conspiracy Brews just below:

Here are two additional links to Mr. Riali’s facebook pages:



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4 Responses to Wanted: Dedicated & Energetic Young People

  1. Joe Montes says:


    We at Americans for Prosperity – New Mexico so appreciate the time and energies you continue to put into the effort to achieving limited government, individual liberty and economic freedom. We look forward to locking arms w you and many others around the state to ensure that our goals are met for our sake and that of future generations! Best, Joe

    P.S. If you aren’t already doing so, please follow us at facebook.com/nmafp or on Twitter: @afpnm

    • Chuck Ring says:

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it and I appreciate Americans For Prosperity. Thanks for what you and your crew did during the last campaign.

  2. Bob Steiner says:

    Good article, The youth of today, as well as the smaller conservative groups, must recognize that they are the conservative party leaders of tomorrow and must prepare themselves for the tasks they will encounter, be it today, tomorrow, or in four years. I take note of the fact that the Sandia Tea Party encourages and welcomes participation of youthful citizens in their activities.

    Having had recent contact with some of the smaller conservative groups, I was impressed with the fact that they already working on strategies to “cushion” the impact of new restrictions the president will try and implement in the new year.
    I would ask all your readers to become more politically active and keep in contact with all your representatives. Now, more than ever, after that last election, the Tea Party becomes and even more
    important. If you’d like to help out, contact us at.Sandiateaparty.com . or call me at the phone number shown below. Please remember, It’s your country today. Will it be the same tomorrow?

    Bob Steiner, A founding member of Sandia Tea Party

    P.S. Now is the time for all good men and women to REALLY come to the aid of their Country!