Jim Crawford: More On HB-77

More from Jim Crawford on Garcia’s HB-77 and Easley’s HB-402 and how those that cry for reasonableness (in this case, Easley) can turn so unreasonable. 

Apparently a second hearing on HB 77 is scheduled for Monday 2-4.  There is nothing to confirm that or any hint of what a revised bill might contain.  Following are the thoughts I sent to the Judiciary Committee about what they are doing.
Later Jim

After my last note, I received a message that the new HB 77 can be viewed at http://newmexico.watchdog.org/16817/gun-background-check-bill-back-in-the-saddle/   The new bill is half the length of the original and now requires all gun transfers to be handled through a licensed gun dealer using regular federal background checks.  There are a few exceptions which include passing arms down to family members.

Later Jim

I oppose HB 77 Firearms Transfer Act.   My wife and I sat through every minute of the hearing on HB 77 that was held on January 28.  We submitted written comments to the committee prior to the hearing.  There were so many signed up to speak in opposition that we did not make onto the speaking list but we stayed for the duration and listened to all the arguments for and against and all of the committee debate.

Right now I am most opposed to the underhanded, sneaky, secrecy surrounding this bill.   We the people have to depend on the Legis web site for information about schedules and see legislation being considered.   On the SB 77 page, the status is shown as being scheduled for hearing in the afternoon of February 4.   The only version of the bill on the web site is the original introduced version.  The bill was amended at the first committee hearing but there is no committee report showing the amendments and there is no copy of what will be considered on February 4.   The public has no knowledge of what is being proposed.

This is about as far from open and transparent government as we can get.   With the tremendous interest the first time around, the least the committee could do is make sure the new proposal has a period of availability for interested citizens to review the bill.  You all are using the Pelosi approach to legislation where you pass things first to find out what is in it.   At the very least, this bill should be tabled until the new amended version is available on the legis web site for several days.

Since we don’t know what the bill now says,  I cannot make any specific comments on the bill or form an opinion of whether or not it is “reasonable”.   I emphasize “reasonable” because the theme from the supporters of HB 77 on the 28th all claimed that these were just “reasonable” requirements and kept challenging us opponents on why we just can’t be “reasonable”.

The main reason that the two sides can not carry on a reasonable discussion about “reasonable” ways to reduce gun violence is because the proponents’ true motive is to go door to door and pick them all up.  To accomplish their goal, they constantly apply the Cass Sunstein nudge philosophy of controlling the population a “nudge” at a time.   HB 77 is just the first nudge toward strict gun control which only criminalizes us law abiding gun owners and will have zero impact on criminals.  The nudge principle is already at work in this legislature.  Representative Easley was one of the proponents making a plea for “reasonableness” at the 28th hearing but then was quick to introduce a totally unreasonable gun ban bill (HB 402)as the  next “nudge”.   The gun ban crowd cannot be trusted to work with us on anything to propose solutions to the real problems which have nothing to do with the cosmetic appearance of weapons or how big the magazine is.


English: Cass Sunstein Speaking at Harvard Law...

English: Cass Sunstein Speaking at Harvard Law School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


At the very least HB 77 needs to be tabled so we have time to review it or killed once again if the problems with the original have not been addressed.

Thank you
James Crawford

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