Kerry Adams Presents Important Information On Our 2nd Amendment

The Sandia Tea Party was fortunate to have Kerry Adams present to us in Edgewood on Saturday, April 27, 2013.  She has posted the video of the talk, along with printed textual information on her web site.  Click on the link below to get to both:

Kerry Adams: Important 2nd Amendment Information

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3 Responses to Kerry Adams Presents Important Information On Our 2nd Amendment

  1. Kerry says:

    Thanks again for posting a link! And thanks poliwit for those kinds words – I’m truly humbled. Just wanted to post a follow-up article regarding nullification. A recent Rasmussen poll concluded that 52% of Americans favor blocking federal law at the state and local levels. You can read more here:

    • Chuck Ring says:

      Thanks for the link and you are always welcome to submit a quest article.

  2. politwit says:

    New Mexico is fortunate to have a gifted and talented lady who really seems to
    grasp the 2nd amendment issue. As the wife of a medically-retired U.S. Army Ranger. who had some 5 deployments to Iraq/Afghanistan, I’m sure she had plenty of time to think about this issue. She has spoken to many civic and government groups in our state and the Sandia Tea Party was fortunate enough to invite her when she had an open time in her schedule. May GOD bless patriots like this young lady!