Never A Dull Moment With The United States, Mexico & Guns

The information for the post below was provided by STP member John Humberston:

EDITOR: Most folks know that Sharyl Atkinsson of CBS News has issued a series of reports on Fast and Furious, AKA Gun Walker, over the past several months.  Now she reports on legal firearms sales from the United States to Mexico which have ended up in the hands of the drug cartels.

PJMedia has cited Atkinsson’s reports in compiling their own report for the internet.  If Fast and Furious was not a pretty picture; the firearms sold legally to Mexico could be described as a double-ugly portrait of a program gone awry.

The story from PJMedia with links to some of Atkinsson’s reporting can be accessed through the link shown below:

Really Smart Trade Program

Follow some of the RELATED ARTICLES linked below to read about suppositions and accusations that Gun Walker was allegedly used to make a case for stronger gun control in the United States.  If true,  I can think of several people that need impeachment and/or prosecution.

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