America’s Mid-Life Crisis

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The article below, submitted by Mike Shaver, is much appreciated and it speaks to major problems in our nation. He has contributed articles before. He and his materials are always welcome here.

America’s Mid-Life Crisis

Last week a few of us in the teachers’ lounge were discussing our various careers. Each of us noted the changes encountered when we traversed the dreaded “middle-age” minefield.(.Cue the creepy pipe organ & tympani.) I began thinking about transformations in the stages of our lives and in our country. Here is one idea.

Let’s let our imagination close one eye and allow the fuzzy image of our whole nation to super-impose onto that of the individual. What if . ...

America is going through middle-age. We each have our own horror stories and definitions; but surely we’ll agree that Mid-life” is a time of transition. Perhaps it is similar to puberty. In each case we were changing from whatever we had been into something else;.and we were not sure how it would turn out. In both transitions we mercilessly questioned just about everything, wondering if we had bought into a fantasy. “Had we lived our own lives or some programmed imitation of our parents’? Teenagers argue just to argue. Did I get “the gold ring” or a plastic fake? Middle-aged “forty-sixers” often second-guess themselves. Now America asks, “Has our heritage lost its luster because we now see it is false; or because we have so abused and neglected it that we scarcely notice its beauty?”

Today many of us doubt the truth and value of our founding principles. Is our Constitution relevant? Has America become a sad cartoon of itself? Is it time to toss out our Judeo-Christian foundation and the Capitalist ideals that sprang from it? Our European cousins have largely replaced individual initiative with statist master-planning. John Locke has been elbowed aside by latter-day Karl Marx’s. Is that what we want?

So What?

I’ll tell you what. Half of the country wants another Ronald Reagan who championed the last re-birth of American Exceptionalism. Their long-awaited champion. Someone to reaffirm and remind them of their goodness and unlimited potential of a nation under God.

The other half pines for a different sort of champion. The flowering of “Benign Rational Statism” to sweep away a decrepit capitalist relic and repressive religions and replace it with a shiny new social machine in which to ride to Utopia.

Do we really believe that the same species that spawned “abhorrent capitalists” will now produce kind, brilliant, self-less master-planners eager to gently usher us all to blissful uniformity, then relieve us of burdensome moral decisions by managing every detail of our lives having consigned religion to faded history.

We are about to find out.

The analogy may not hold-up in all particulars but let’s follow along for a while and see where it goes.

There can be No Liberty without Morality.” Alexis de Tocqueville.– “Social Issues” Matter.



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