Integrity In State Government

State Seal of New Mexico.

State Seal of New Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If familiarity breeds contempt, can integrity breed transparency?  Hmm?  Whether the question can be answered in the affirmative depends on the powers given the people involved within and without the mechanisms of government.  Perhaps an ongoing study, which has some progressive funding support can shed some light on the puzzle.

The Center For Public Integrity has just released another portion on their study of states’ integrity and for the most part it presents an unattractive picture. There are several states sporting a grade of F; however New Mexico fairs little better with a grade of D-.  This might or might not surprise most New Mexico citizens, but the study seems to have been solidly put together.  We’ll let you decide.  Just click the link found below for New Mexico’s standing and the rationale behind its grade.

New Mexico’s Risk Of Corruption

You may wish to visit some of the other state’s grade results.  One surprise is like to be New Jersey. which according to the study, ranks #1 for integrity.  And you thought you knew.

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