Amazing Grace X Two For Easter 2012

We posted the following version of Amazing Grace last December 16th. We hope you enjoyed it then and  trust you’ll enjoy it now:

After hearing this rendition, fans of Amazing Grace, will never hear the hymn in the same way as they have heard it in the past.  The singer not only tells of a great event. He makes the singing itself a great and spiritual experience.

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Don’t go away there is another version posted under the related articles which has been posted in the past by us and which Pastor Max Sanchez sent to us yesterday:

Sorry, I couldn’t get this one to load as a video, so you’ll have to click on the link:

Amazing Grace — II Divo

I originally found the above at one of the police officer sites I frequent. It was posted as a tribute to fallen Law Enforcement Officers. I’m placing this link on my blog for the same reason and to also honor our Servicemen and Servicewomen.who serve the world over.


God Bless You — Those who serve their fellow citizens in war zones all over this nation.

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