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Just as the main scream media has asked, “Why won’t Romney answer whether he would repeal the “great pretender’s” asinine unconstitutional back door amnesty?”  The answer probably is because he has a fine message to deliver as he attacks Obama’s failed economic policies and broken promises.  Why should he be called out by stacked media rushing to catch him up in silliness, that has nothing to do with what he will must do when he is elected.  And how can he not be elected?

Emblem SCAT

Emblem SCAT (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Nolte, in Breitbart’s Big Journalism has captured the BS from the Obama camp rather succinctly and nothing is left to conjecture in his report:

Romney Won’t be Taking The Bait

Congress as a body or individual senators and representatives, or the courts could move to stop the maggot drawing scatological nightmares from Obama.

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