Words About Protecting Our Youth Ring Hollow …

"Abortion is not Healthcare"

“Abortion is not Healthcare” (Photo credit: brunosan)

When spoken by a president and his progressives with dead babies stacked-up against the walls of abortion mills like so many monuments to our cruelty.

I had trouble focusing on the messages during today’s inauguration process as I knew thousands of unborn babies would be aborted without their permission … indeed; without the slightest consideration as to their best interest.  And that is speaking for this one solitary day, to be followed by more murders day in and day out, the world over.

Because you see, that is how some in our society protect our youth, born or to be born. I copied the following narrative from LifeNews.  I hope you will consider its message and act accordingly

Almost 56 Million Abortions Since Roe

Dear LifeNews.com Readers,

The United States marks 40 years of legalized abortion in all fifty states at any time for any reason throughout pregnancy on Tuesday. That’s the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

Did you know, that since that fateful decision by nine men on the Supreme Court, almost 56 million unborn children have lost their lives. Since that time, there have been approximately 55,772,015 abortions that have destroyed the lives of unborn children.

Looked at another way, that’s 1.394 million abortions each and every year in our great nation. It’s 116,191 abortions each and every month in all 50 states. The math breaks down to 26,813 abortions each and every week nationwide. And every day, that’s 3,820 abortions.

Almost 4,000 children have died in America from abortions each and every day since 1973.

You and I both know that if abortion weren’t such a politically correct subject couched in clouded terms like “choice” and “women’s rights” or “women’s health,” every single person in our country would be up in arms. But Tuesday will pass like any other day for most Americans, who won’t give abortion a second thought — unless they happen to catch a rare but likely one-sided news report noting the anniversary.

Such news reports won’t have any of these numbers — because to talk about the reality of abortion and the millions of babies abortions have killed in 40 years is an acknowledgement that something is wrong. It’s allowing viewers to see abortion from the correct perspective, that someone is brutally victimized each and every time.

But LifeNews won’t let those numbers go by. LifeNews highlighted those numbers on Friday just as we highlight the travesty of abortion each and every day as the only news service in the nation specifically devoted to pro-life issues.

Will you help LifeNews continue to remain the number one pro-life web site on the Internet? Our educational, news, and opinion reports bring the truth about abortion to millions of people each and every week and we can’t keep people updated and educated without your help.

Perhaps you can provide us with a donation to recognize the babies killed by abortions over 40 years. Would you consider a $40 donation to remember them? Or perhaps you can support us with a $139.40 donation to mark the abortions that happen each year. A donation of 116.19 would help remember the babies killed every month.

Or maybe you can give $26.81 to remember the unborn children destroyed each week. A $38.20 donation pays your respect to the babies killed in abortions each and every day.

Whatever donation value you choose when you support LifeNews, know that we will continue to speak for the voiceless each and every day. To make a donation, just head to our easy online donation page that will take you to two different options to make an online donation with your credit card or an electronic debit transaction.

Or, you can fill out the form following this letter and mail a check to us (US readers only). We have to remember the little babies killed in abortions. The media won’t, most politicians won’t, many churches won’t. If you won’t, who will?


Steven Ertelt, Editor LifeNews.com

P.S. You can make an electronic donation here or use the form below to print and mail it with a check. —————————————————————————— We will support the work of LifeNews.com with a $_____ donation. Please mail your check to: LifeNews.com, PO Box 270841 Fort Collins, CO 80527. Name __________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ City ____________________ State ____ Zip __________________ Email Address ____________________________________________ Friend’s Email Address(es) __________________________________ LifeNews.com will never sell/rent your name and address to anyone and we do not place you on a telemarketing list when you donate.

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  1. Bob Steiner says:

    Dear “Editor”!

    Thanks for what you do!