Rally At The Roundhouse (2/8/13)

This Notice Is Posted As A Service To Those Interested In Their 2nd Amendment Rights


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5 Responses to Rally At The Roundhouse (2/8/13)

  1. sipa wissett says:

    before attending the round house please watch the greatest constitutional classes i have seen it is here at

    “Michael Badnarik Constitution Class Complete” 6 hours,

    dont go to a gun fight with a knife, arm ourselves with the knowledge of our bill of rights and the constitution

    i would rather do this for 6 hours than have a full 4 year law degree from Harvard. invest in the time then you will IMPACT the rallly with real knowledge, dont be a useless idiot like most. quoted by :KARL MARX. and now used by most politicians.

    • Chuck Ring says:

      Here’s the link for the class referenced by Sipa:

      Keep in mind there are classes posted from Hillsdale College and other organization on this site. Just search the blog and you should get several articles and links.

      Always check any classes on our founding documents against the the document itself.

  2. Carole Harmon says:

    Well said. The Bill of Rights and Constitution belong to the PEOPLE- not to Gov. In fact, it tells Gov. what they are forbidden to do. That’s why Obama hates it. If upheld,it would check his power as designed. Our 1st recourse is the right to peacefully assemble and demand recourse (1st Amen.) then ,as the Declaration declares -it is our right-it is our duty to throw them out for a long train of abuses..

  3. sipa wissett says:

    one more thing invest in precious metals=lead

  4. sipa wissett says:


    with the state and or given by civil authorities to police, military etc, but our right to keep and

    bear “arms” is never registered as it defeats the purpose and nullifies the fifth amendment

    PROTECTION! —–We cannot be forced to give up one right in order to secure another!! and keeps

    the “POLICING POWERS” equalized or in check. It does not matter what the policing powers

    have been taught or drilled with

    information from the government bureaucrats.

    Again “We cannot be forced to give up one right in order to secure another!!” We can talk

    about unlawful searches going into public buildings later.

    License is privilege to do that which is illegal or unlawful, owning a firearm is a right, why do we

    need to

    get permission to do what we already have a right to do??!! Further more, gaining a permit

    reduces our status of “rights” to a lower status of regulated enterprise granted by the state.Our

    status will be reduced to be controlled by the legislative action of the state, by law we will no longer

    have a rights issue, rather now we are reduced to a license to carry just like driving a car. The

    legislature passes laws to regulate “drivers” and can take away the driving license thereby

    making us slaves. Now legislatures can remove our “license to carry ” because we reduced our

    status to contract, and abide by the licensing rules of that contract,. “we have signed the contract

    for specific performance” Lets keep our arms and let the existing laws deal with criminals as the

    law pertains to the law breaker

    Miranda vs Arizona states “Where rights are involved –(“right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”)–there can be no rule making,–

    (“from a judge”)– or legislation– (“passing infringement laws of right to keep and bear arms”)–“to

    abrogate them . I will restate the MIranda Rule, “WHERE RIGHTS ARE INVOLVED THERE CAN


    from us by a jury of our peers, a conceal carry permit eliminates our jury trial and can be

    taken now by a judge in maritime jurisdiction, Then the maritime courts, not common law courts

    which is what our Constitution is, can run a muck and pretend to honor our

    rights but in reality it is denying our rights unless we demand our rights timely, failure to demand

    our rights timely waves our rights, Know your rights and how to demand them!!! i welcome feed

    back not from what you feel we should do but what we as a matter of right ought to do. These

    are not my words but Supreme Court decisions over the history of our republic, not the democracy!!!

    The constitution is inherent in the people first and any laws made against the constitution is null

    and void before it is even gone for a vote!–see- 5 American Jurisprudent– INFRINGEMENT means that we can buy a car but

    now the government forbids us to buy gasoline therefore making it unusable or now being “INFRINGED” upon. Same is true with

    ammunition and the only product that is protected by the constitution is the “arms”. and the infringement clause, or ammunition>

    All other

    products are negotiable in the free market place, except for the preservation of our arms.

    Constitutional Law classes anyone? We must all come together when our individual rights are

    being tampered with, even the press, religious peoples, non religious, atheists, radio talk hosts who exercise their free speech, , all protected rights let us put aside

    our peculiarities, for the common cause of Liberty, Liberty can be defined as “status to contract”

    if we have no contracts with the government then we have more liberty, the more contracts to

    government we have the less liberty we have, they control us by our contracts we make

    with govt. Government is the superior party to any contract we make with them , that is why they

    control us to the minute degree. and we have allowed it to happen. Any comments?

    do you know how to talk to a police man when you are stopped? or a county official like zoning board? you should