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 This came to us from Pastor Max Sanchez

Is It Over for New Mexico and our Businesses?
Tuesday (1/5/13) at the state legislature was a disaster for New Mexico businesses.  More importantly, it was an indication of where many of our legislators are aligned.  Here’s what went down:Three important bills were assigned to House Labor and Human Resources.  They are assigned to this committee to be killed if they support business and to be passed on, if they are harmful to business.  Last night was no exception
.HB 261 Workers Comp “Impairment” Definition, Rep Larry Larranaga, was a simple fix to an existing law.  It simply would have defined evaluation of permanent impairment on the date at which a worker reaches maximum medical improvement. (Underlined indicates new language).  This was an issue of confusion for the courts.
What happened?  The New Mexico Business Coalition and others stood in support of this bill.  The unions…READ MORE HERE.
The result:  The committee voted to table the bill on a straight party line vote.
HB 188 Contractor Agreement with Labor Organizations, Rep Candy Ezzell.  This bill simply stated that no government entity could require or prevent a contractor from signing a union agreement when completing work for the government agency.
What happened?  The New Mexico Business Coalition and others stood in support of this legislation.  The unions, however, stood in opposition to the bill and the committee tabled it on a straight party line vote.  READ MORE HERE
.HJR 6 Increase Minimum Wage Annually, Rep Miguel Garcia.  This bill is a Constitutional Amendment meaning that if it passes, it goes directly to the voters and bypasses the Governor.  It indexes the minimum wage to the Cost of Living index and specifically prohibits any decrease when the state or country is experiencing a recession.
 What happened?  The New Mexico Business Coalition and others stood in opposition to this bill.  The unions stood in support and the legislation received a ‘Do-Pass’ from the committee on a straight party line vote
.What does this mean for New Mexico and its businesses?  We have many in the state legislature who simply do not care what business people think about legislation and how it will affect their businesses.What can you do?  Join the New Mexico Business Coalition and support our efforts to fight for New Mexico’s businesses.   Membership information HERE.   If we are going to have a fighting chance it’s going to take our unity!

You can also voice your opinion to the members of the House Labor and Human Resources committee HERE.   NOTE:  Rep Candy Spence Ezzell, senior minority member on the House Labor and Human Resources committee, has served for nine years on this committee.  It is no wonder the NMBC recognized her as a 2012 NMBC Hero.  It takes a special person to put up with this committee’s total disregard for the good of the state and never give up on trying to make a positive difference.

Join us as we work to hold elected officials accountable and improve New Mexico’s economy!


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