Kill SB 535

More To Oppose From Jim Crawford. Get on the phones and computers to get this bill to the graveside.

Some thoughts I sent to the Senate Corporations Committee for their hearing on 2-27.
Later Jim

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Subject: Oppose SB 535 Energy Education & Marketing Tax Act
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:34:47 -0700
From: James Crawford <>
To: Phil Griego <>, Clemente Sanchez <>, Lee Cotter <>, Tim Keller <>, Mark Moores <>, Michael Padilla <>, Sander Rue <>, John Sapien <>, William Sharer <>, Mary Kay Papen <>
CC: Michael Sanchez <>, George Munoz <>

I am opposed to SB 535 Energy Education & Marketing Tax Act.  This bill imposes an additional severance tax of 1/10 of one percent of the taxable value on products severed or removed.  The tax money is to be spent on energy education and marketing (25%); clean energy grants (25%); and lottery tuition fund (50%).  A new oversight and regulatory board is created.

This is just another tax and spend scheme.  Most of the tax burden will of course fall on our oil and gas industry which already supports a huge portion of our state budget.  Between incessant attempts to raid the permanent funds, additional taxes, and a constant barrage of regulatory restrictions, this state is trying to kill the goose that has been laying our golden eggs all these years.

The bulk of the tax money is tagged for the lottery tuition fund.  The lottery tuition fund was established as a self-financing and self

State Senator Sander Rue

State Senator Sander Rue (Photo credit: Albuquerque Public Schools)

-supporting fund financed by the state lottery.  Because of lax scholarship requirements, the tuition fund is in trouble and now the legislature is looking for ways to bail it out.  Instead of raising taxes like this one, do what is necessary to tailor the tuition awards to amount of money the lottery brings in.

Taxing our proven and efficient fossil fuel industry to provide grants for obscenely expensive, unreliable, unproven, and already overly subsidized “clean” energy is pure insanity.  Huge grants and subsidies for clean energy projects for decades now has yielded only a pittance of energy production and left a battle field littered with corruption, political cronyism, and bankruptcies.  Billions of tax dollars have already been dumped down this bottomless pit.

NM already has boards and commissions approaching 300 or so.  We certainly don’t need one more adding rules and regulations.

SB 535 is a tax and spend proposal we do not need.

Thank you
James Crawford

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