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Here is more from Jim Crawford.  This bill if passed would certainly curtail oil and gas development in this state and sink us into an economy that bleeds dollars:

Following are some comments I sent to the Senate Conservation Committee for their hearing on 2-28.
Later Jim

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Subject: Oppose SB 547 Ban Horizontal Oil & Gas Drilling
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 17:36:07 -0700
From: James Crawford <>
To: Peter Wirth <>, Benny Shendo <>, Phil Griego <>, Richard Martinez <>, William Payne <>, John Ryan <>, William Sharer <>, William Soules <>, Pat Woods <>, Joseph Cervantes <>
CC: Michael Sanchez <>, Clemente Sanchez <>

I am opposed to SB 547 Ban Horizontal Oil & Gas Drilling.  This bill prohibits the use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract oil and gas in NM.

This bill would, for all practical purposes, end oil and gas production in NM.  All of the oil and gas gravy train that is the life blood of this state would come to a screeching halt.  The permanent fund and additional taxes that the legislature consistently depends upon would disappear.

Fracking has been going on since the 1800’s and has been a standard practice for decades.  Nearly all of the wells in NM use fracking or horizontal drilling in some combination.  Just in the last year alone there were 1600 new wells in NM and nearly all used fracking.  This anti-fracking hysteria is based on nothing more than Hollywood hype and is totally irrational.

Fracking fairy tales are rampant in the anti-fracking community.  We hear about water pollution and home faucets that catch fire.  The only problem is that most of the tales have no connection to any fracking sites or operations.  In order to throttle the industry, the fad is now to blame fracking for every water problem in the country whether there is any fracking going on or not.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the most radical anti-fossil fuel organization on the planet.  They are doing all they can to put a strangle hold on fossil energy production.  For the past several years EPA has been fracking fairy tale hunting.  We can be assured that EPA is and has been doing its utmost to substantiate the adverse tales about fracking.  However, so far they have had to admit they have found no confirmed pollution caused by fracking.  The fairy tales have just been Hollywood fiction.

These added restrictions are intended by the environmental crowd to hinder or eliminate exploration and production of oil and gas to eliminate competition with their beloved wind and solar projects which have no chance of every being economic, efficient, or effective.

“The whole anti-fracking movement has its head where the sun doesn’t shine – and here are just ten reasons why.

1.      Hydraulic fracking has been around for 60 years. Developments made by U.S. engineers around 2008-9 have simply made the process much more commercially viable.

2.       Since fracking was introduced in 1949, over 2 million frack treatments have been pumped without a single documented case of treatments polluting a water aquifer.

3.       90 percent of all gas wells drilled in the United States since 1949 have been fracked.

4.       The depth of most shale gas deposits drilled is between 6,000 and 10,000 feet – water aquifers exist at an average depth of 500 feet.

5.       Claims of ‘migration’ between the shale gas layers and water aquifers due to fracking or for any other reason, are patently absurd as the gas would have to pass through millions of tons of impermeable rock. If the rock was that porous, neither the water nor the gas would have been there in the first place. (As the hard data in fig. 1 from a study of 15,000 frac treatments in the Barnett Shale Field reveals plainly.)

6.       Fracture design engineers go to great lengths to avoid fracture growth of even 100 feet to prevent losing production.

7.       The new eco-horror genre flicks like Josh Fox’s Gasland, create impact by making outrageous claims which include suggesting “569 chemicals” are used in a single “toxic cocktail” frack treatment. The reality is that 99.5 percent of the treatment is water and sand. Much of the remainder is made up of a maximum of 12 or so harmless gelling agents, like Guar gum (used in ice cream making), and chemicals commonly used around the house.

8.       Domestic running water faucets being set alight with a match might wow gullible film audiences, but dissolved methane found in well water may well be biogenic (naturally occurring). As the largest component in natural gas, methane is not even regulated as it is not toxic and escapes naturally like soda bubbles.

9.       Hydraulic fracking procedures are heavily regulated and not, as often claimed by eco-activists, exempt from drinking water and other key regulatory laws.

10.    Concerns about using “excessive water resources” in the process are already being assuaged by new developments, including recycling water. And the U.S. Ground Water Protection Council confirms that drilling with compressed air is becoming increasingly common.”

For the good of NM this bill needs to go no further.

Thank you

James Crawford

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