Again: I Apologize

By Bob Steiner

Some three and one half years ago I posted a blog article titled “I Apologize”……in Gadaboutblogalot. Four months into the tenure of the then new President, I expressed my concerns about what Mr. Obama appeared to be doing to our military. At that time I had hope that the professionals in the Pentagon would bring him under control and that the country would continue to maintain a credible defense force. Now, several years later, after remaining silent, I feel obligated to wake up the country and take action to over-ride the harm he has done to our forces.

Following is a two paragraph excerpt from my article in 2009 which should shed some light on my frustration:

In 1976, following twenty years service in the U.S. Army, including two combat tours in Vietnam, I returned home, thinking I had completed an honorable career in the service of my country. During my time in the military I had, on several occasions, re-affirmed my allegiance to our country by swearing to “defend and uphold” the Constitution of the United States, this being done each time I re-enlisted. While on active duty I had never been a political person. As the Army frowned on soldiers becoming political while in uniform, there seemed to be no real need to be active politically. Most soldiers felt the military could rely on any president who was voted in by our fellow citizens.

I served in general staff positions under five Presidents, representing the two major parties. I saw first hand the disastrous military cut backs of the Carter era, the glory years of John Kennedy, and the embarrassment of Richard Nixon. While I sometimes disagreed with decisions coming out of Washington, whatever the party, whichever the president, I never had any reason up until now to doubt the integrity and loyalty of any Commander-in-Chief to the military .

End of Excerpt.

With regard to Obama’s (hereafter known as “Obo”) not knowing anything about military protocol, I can excuse his failure to know how to salute properly. and other minor faux pax’s. Obviously his aides were responsible for such minor things. What really started to get to me, after increasing our committment in Iraq and then expanding the war into Afghanistan, he started to cut funds that would have been used to buy such things as armored vests. I still remember news stories where citizens held bake sales to buy such vests to send to their hometown National Guard unit serving in the combat zone. Also the troops were not allowed to use all weapons in their arsenal that would have been well-suited to the area.

In my mind, perhaps the major tactical error that the man from Chicago made during his term was not to give adequate support to the troops he ordered to expand the campaign in Afghanistan. After leaking to the press that the troops would be given everything they asked for that undertaking, he reneged on the promise. General McChrystal, the Commander of the Forces asked for 40,000 additional troops to be deployed immediately, but Obo did not act. For three months he kept telling the press he was working on the issue Then he ordered that the General’s request be cut to 30,000 troops, 10,000 less than the Commander had deemed necessary. Also, because of his extended delay and all of the resulting publicity, the insurgents in the country were better prepared to “welcome” their arrival. Yes, he needed the publicity, but it was paid for with blood of fallen soldiers!

His carelessness with classified information in the media cost us casualties again, more recently. When Ben Laden was eliminated, initially the military maintained security and provided no information for security reasons. Then Obo’s administration announced the attack force had been Navy Seals ( I believe it was”Blabbermouth Biden” who provided that information). During the next few days we learned that the force was from “Seal Team 6”, stationed in the Norfolk Virginia Beach area. While this info probably helped “Obo’s”sagging popularity rating again, I just wonder if any of our Islamist “allies” (I use that term loosely!) also became aware of where the team was from. I would think that as you read this article, there is at least one “bearded gentleman” somewhere in Virginia plotting on how to get around military base security to attack the members of the team . It took us almost ten years to get Ben Laden. I wonder if the a” hit squad?

As I close this article, Obo and his stooges in the congress , in an effort to atone for their mistakes in misspending the government’s money for the last several years, are working on a plan to cut the military’s budget by 50%. I pray that the responsible members in Congress put this to rest.

President Barack Obama meets with Army Lt. Gen...

President Barack Obama meets with Army Lt. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, in the Oval Office at the White House, May 19, 2009. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates recommended that the president nominate McChrystal as the new commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here we are three and one half years after my first article. . . . Soldiers are dying, Families are crying, Obama is lying.! I guess it could be said that he is not a “stay in the office manager”. His constant time spent inside Air Force One surely proves that. I sometimes wonder if he thinks he is going to be able to collect “Frequent Flyer” miles for his Air Force flights. In retrospect, just think of the new career he could have. Coupling his frequent flight credits with his visits to every golf course on the planet, he could easily quality as a “:Golf Journalist”.

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