Just One More In The Long List Of Obama Failures

WARREN, MI - NOVEMBER 16:  Members of the Chev...

WARREN, MI – NOVEMBER 16: Members of the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle team gather on stage to pose with the vehicle and its award after it was named Motor Trends Car of the Year at the General Motors Aerodynamics Lab November 16, 2010 in Warren, Michigan. The Volt is an extended range electric vehicle that can run for approximately 40 miles on battery power before a gasoline engine begins generating electricity to power the car. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Is POTUS getting in or out of the automobile.  Is the event before or after this battery company failed … or does it matter to POTUS since it is our money and none of his.  Is it just failure following failure under the Obama regime.  Even progressives should have a paunch-full by now.

Here’s the story of the battery failure before it got “started.”  Actually, before a single battery was produced, even though the plant opened to Obama accolades in 2010.  The batteries were to made for the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt is another failure occurring under this administration.

Fail & Fail

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