Now: One Courageous Journalist Is Mopping The Floor With Obama’s Bubbles

Not only the above, but she is bursting his bubble-headed idea that all Americans are gullible, and like a pelican, have let everything fishy slide down their gullet. This courageous  person has faced adversity in the worst possible way .. now she is trying to uncover Obama’s lies about the Taliban being subdued.  We should honor Lara Logan for her honor.

Please access the video link found below and read any related articles posted at the bottom after the video:

Lara Logan’s Excellent Speech


English: Picture of CBS News correspondent Lar...

English: Picture of CBS News correspondent Lara Logan on duty in Iraq…originally a US Army source shown in the New York Post newspaper. Despite it being in a copyrighted paper, the picture itself is an original United States Army work, as is indicated in the watermark in the source (cropped out here). If the source link dies, the image can be found here, containing the source in the watermark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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