Agenda 21: Still Trying After All These Years

The following was sent by Ralph & Susan Hill & Jim and Donna Crawford.  More to follow tomorrow.
Those who have been opposing the onslaught of Santa Fe County’s implementation of UN Agenda 21 (though County planners try to hide the connection) should take inspiration from this speech by Tom DeWeese.  It is rather lengthy (30 minutes) but in the middle he talks of success of a number of states, counties and towns that have defeated Agenda 21/ICLEI and how it was achieved, especially in the legislature.  I seldom watch anything over 3-4 minutes at most, but was intrigued with it.  Wonder if we could get Mr. DeWeese to New Mexico.  Ralph Hil
The RNC Failed – Not You!

Hello James,

I know, as a result of the elections, you are feeling down and perhaps not ready to jump back in the battle. I know how you feel. Sometimes it’s just hard to get up in the morning after being kicked like that.

But let me give you some uplifting news and insight.

First, I want to share with you video of a speech I gave a few months ago to the John Birch Society’s Executive Council. This talk focused on our victories over Agenda 21/Sustainable Development forces. Now, you may say, Tom, your views just aren’t realistic – especially in view of what happened Tuesday. We’re done. We’re defeated.

Well, the fact is, everything I say in this talk is absolutely true – just as much today as it was before the election. We have scored some major victories. And no matter what happened on election night, the Left is terrified of us because of those victories. We are now learning new ways to fight. We are training grassroots activists.And we can win more. In the state legislatures, in the local communities. And even on the international level. Take a look at my video and see why.

Click here to view the video

Second, for the most part, the Republican defeat Tuesday was a defeat for the old guard establishment that leans more to the left than the right. In fact, they fear us “crazies” from the Right. We’re just too radical, they say. So, in the past 4 years they have forced on us candidates like John McCain and MItt Romney as cannon fodder against a committed Marxist like Barrack Obama. You can’t beat someone like him by being nice, or hesitant to speak out. Both McCain and Romney found that out the hard way. So don’t take the election results as a defeat of the ideals and principles you and I hold so dear. These ideas didn’t lose –because they weren’t even in the debate.

Third, OUR ideas did win – big. For example, in Virginia, there was a ballot measure to amend the state Constitution to protect private property rights against the use of Eminent Domain. Voters in a state that ultimately gave its Electoral votes to Obama, voted 82% in favor of protecting private property rights. THAT is OUR victory! More states are ready for such legislation. I am helping to write sample legislation that will have teeth and meaning in protecting your property rights.

We must not give up. We must believe in our principles and fight for them. Specifically, if we focus on the local and state level, we can, in many ways, stop federal (Obama) efforts.

You and I have circled the wagons tightly enough – now it’s time to charge!


Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center

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  3. kea says:

    Albuquerque Agenda21 is here just look at the page for Community Sustainability – , they even have a quote right out of Agenda21 on the page…

    “Sustainability has become an important word in the world’s vocabulary. The United Nations defines it as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainability has generally been recognized as reaching a balance (in a community, area, state, nation or world) among economic vitality, environmental enhancement, and human well-being. Sustainability can be measured. Is Albuquerque a sustainable community? Has the quality of our community changed over the last 5 years, 10 years, 20 or 50? “

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