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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs the ...

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs the act on July 5, 1935. Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins (right) looks on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s another analysis from Jim Crawford.  Read it and then take action in support of the bill:

I support HB 351 Employee Preference Act.  This billwould prohibit making hiring, promotion, or continued employment conditional on becoming or remaining a member of a labor organization or paying dues or fees to any kind of labor organization. It would prohibit employers from requiring that a person be approved or recommended by a labor organization before employment, promotion or continued employment. It would prohibit employers from deducting dues or fees on behalf of a labor organization unless the employee authorizes this deduction in writing, and provides that this authorization is revocable.
As we hear over and over again, New Mexico is not open for business.  Let’s hang a huge neon O P E N sign at our borders by passing this employee preference bill.

In the top 10 states for economic growth, 7 are states with employee preference laws.  Of the bottom 10 states for economic growth, not a single one has employee preference laws.

If we want New Mexico to grow economically and increase employment, we need to fix our tax system, get rid of the job killing regulations, and pass this bill.  An analysis of the impact on NM shows that if this kind of employee preference law had been in place for the last several years our employment, personal income, and salary and wage levels would have been 21% higher.

If we enact this proposal now, we will have over 42,000 more people working. Our personal income will be about $5 billion higher.  Wage and salary income will be $2.2 billion higher.

This legislation will do far more to increase employment and wages than any of the “minimum wage” proposals being considered in this legislature.

Labor unions confiscate as much as $8 billion from US union members every year.  Union officials then use the seized billions to fund elections of officials at all levels of government who are only for the union leadership and could care less about rank and file union members.  This bill allows members to decide if their dues should be used for political pandering or should only be used for negotiations with management about working conditions.

For years polls have shown over 80% of Americans believe it should be against the law to force workers to join and pay money to a union.  This bill is essential to individual freedom and individual choice in this country.  It is a violation of individual freedom to require someone to belong to a specific group and be required to forfeit part of their wages to the group whether they want to or not.

Unions once served a useful purpose in improving working conditions and wage rates but have outlived that purpose.  Less than 7% of the private work force is unionized and declining.

On the other hand, almost 40% of public employees are unionized and increasing.  There is no earthly reason for public employees to be unionized in the first place.  Public employees work under various civil service laws and enjoy more protections than any other class of employee. Just try to fire one!  Public employees do not need job protection and should never be forced to join and pay part of their salary to a union unless they want to.

Twenty-three states (including most of New Mexico’s neighbors) have employee preference laws in place. As a group, they have enjoyed more rapid employment growth, better job preservation, and faster recoveries from recession.

For the good of New Mexico, it is only right to get this bill to the house floor and have an up or down vote on it.

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