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We need your help today in supporting HB 292, a bill to discuss transferring NM’s lands from the federal government to the state! Its opponents are muddying the dialogue about what this bill actually does and

we need to make sure our voices are heard louder than theirs.

This bill officially sets up a task force to talk about possibilities and that is all. Rep. Yvette Herrell is planning on moving a few amendments to remove language that requested the federal government turn title to the land over to NM.  She also plans to formally include more private user groups, tribal input, and less government agencies on the task force. This group will meet and discuss issues between now and next session and report to legislators on their

findings. This bill is essentially a memorial with a bill number. ALL IT DOES IS SET UP A GROUP TO DISCUSS ISSUES!

Please take action now to make sure legislators support this no-brainer of a bill!

Yet despite this, opponents continue to lie and mislead the public and legislators. The bill with amendments makes no demand of the federal government. The bill DOESN’T grant power or authority to even receive the land, much less sell it. The bill will have a minuscule fiscal impact. We also expect the fiscal analyst to release a new FIR based on the substantial amendments. The purpose of this bill is simply to get stake holders and interested parties together to discuss pros and cons to the state of New Mexico owning and managing the land. There will also be discussion about how to obtain title and what action, if any, NM is willing to take.

The opponents of this bill are using fear tactics and misinformation to prevent it from passing. They are flooding key legislators with emails full of distortions. The opposition this simple and benign bill is facing tells me we are on to something that can be very empowering to the citizens of NM and indeed all Americans in general. I know many of us understand the incredible positive potential that exists with NM owning and managing public lands. I would stress that this bill ONLY allows us to formally DISCUSS such potential. It is a first step in a good direction but it may be the last step. WITHOUT YOUR IMMEDIATE HELP we will never know because legislators are scared by the volume of opposition emails. PLEASE take the emails of the House committee members below and send a supportive email to ALL OF THEM.

AFP-New Mexico fully supports House Bill 292 and we hope you will ask your lawmaker to do so as well.

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Joseph Montes

State Director

Americans for Prosperity – New Mexico

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