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In 1388, the Battle of Näfels culminated in a major victory for the Swiss Confederation in the first century of its struggle for self-determination against Habsburg overlordship. Although the catastrophic defeat of the Austrians at Sempach in 1386 had been followed by a truce, hostilities against the Habsburgs were subsequently continued by the rebellious men of Glarus, a district that had adhered to the confederacy in 1352 but had been restored to the Habsburgs in 1355. After the expiration of the truce (February 1388), the Habsburg Albert III of Austria advanced with an army against Glarus; but the rebels, reinforced by troops from Schwyz, first checked the invasion by holding the heights above Näfels, at the northern entrance to their valley, and then repelled it by a bloody counterattack. Further Swiss offensives achieved more successes, and in April 1389 a seven-year truce was ratified by Duke Albert, who allowed the Swiss to keep their alliances and their conquests intact.


Maximilian I of Habsburg (March 22, 1459 – Jan...

Maximilian I of Habsburg (March 22, 1459 – January 12, 1519) (Photo credit: 1way2rock)

American Civil War:    In 1865, General Robert Edward Lee, commander of the Army of Northern Virginia of the Confederate States of America, signed a treaty of surrender at Appomattox Court House as demanded by Union General Ulysses S. Grant, effectively ending the war.
In the left of this picture U.S. Grant can be ...

In the left of this picture U.S. Grant can be seen firing a mountain howitzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World War II:    In 1942, American and Filipino defenders on Bataan surrendered to Japanese forces.
In 1963, Congress conferred honorary US citizenship on Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.


Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

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Source material includes Associated Press International and Encyclopædia Britannica.
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