IRS “Fesses-Up,” er, Sort Of?

We have been here before.  It seems like only yesterday, but it was actually February and March of 2012 when we posted articles on this subject  First this,  “Tea Party & IRS,” and also, “Tea Party & IRS Again,”  Those aren’t the actual titles to the articles we posted, but the links will take you to the stories.

Tea Party Family

Tea Party Family (Photo credit: Tuaussi)

Now the IRS has come forward with a partial truth, saying in essence they singled out Tea Party and other conservative groups for audits.  Then they immediately walk their confession back by stating that it was not official actions by the IRS that allowed these serious infraction to occur, rather it was the work of rogue groups within the agency taking the action on their own,


The Tea Party Goes to Washington

The Tea Party Goes to Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry, but I call a big wagon full of bull butter and predict this one small revelation will explode into a giant scat ball.  Here the link to the first confession from the IRS, but it won’t be the last link or confession:

IRS Violates Conservative Rights & Their Own Regulations Plus The Constitution


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5 Responses to IRS “Fesses-Up,” er, Sort Of?

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  4. Chuck Ring says:

    Being? What? Why, what they feel like being???

  5. Carole says:

    Here’s another sicko from–Are you ok with boys showering with your daughter? Sexually disoriented boys who think they are girls and vice versa in schools can go in any shower, bathroom etc. WHERE IS THAT EARTHQUAKE? wISH i COULD FIND SOME GOOD NEWS. aH, CATCHING IRS AND TEA PARTY! tHANKS