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Obama Fired Scientist for Failing to Toe the Party Line

Political Editors · Dec. 21, 2016

Yesterday a report was released on a congressional investigation into Barack Obama’s firing of a top scientist at the Department of Energy. The investigation has determined that the firing was aimed at removing obstacles to the furthering of Obama’s climate change agenda. The report also identified ways in which the Obama administration intimidated DOE staff, sought to censor information given to Congress and worked to prevent legislation in order to fund its own climate agenda. Rick Perry has his work cut out for him.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, stated in the report, “Instead of providing the type of scientific information needed by Congress to legislate effectively, senior departmental officials sought to hide information, lobbied against legislation, and retaliated against a scientist for being forthcoming. In this staff report based on lengthy record before the committee, much has been revealed about how senior level agency officials under the Obama administration retaliated against a scientist who did not follow the party line.”

The report goes on to detail how scientist Dr. Noelle Metting was fired in “retaliation” for providing too much information to Congress and for refusing “to conform to the predetermined remarks and talking points” provided by the administration.

This damning report not only reveals the degree to which the Obama administration sought to control and promote its leftist agenda, it also further exposes just how bankrupt and lacking in honest and open scientific research are the climate alarmists. Ultimately, the agenda has little to do with protecting the environment, and everything to do with instilling a totalitarian form of government control over American citizens.


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